Young Investigator Awards

1st place:

Junyu Lin                               

West China Hospital, Sichuan University, Sichuan, China

“Studies on the Genetics of Dystonia and Other Movement Disorders”

2nd place:

Stiven Roytman                    

University of Michigan, United States, Ann Arbor, United States

“Postural control subtypes in Parkinson’s Disease and older adults”

3rd place:

Viviana Torres Ballesteros                              

Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders Unit of the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, Spain

“Image-guided programming in patients with Parkinson’s disease with suboptimal response to deep brain stimulation.”

Best Walking Poster Tour Presentation Awards

Henry Mauricio Chaparro-Solano (Cleveland, United States) – P_71 (GPT): Current perspectives on the pharmacogenomics of the side effects of Parkinson’s disease treatment: a systematic review

Todd Levine (Scottsdale, United States) – P_40 (GPT): The Synuclein-One Study: Skin biopsy detection of phoshorylated alpha-synuclein for diagnosis of the synucleinopathies

Janvi Ramchandra (Cleveland, United States) – P_105 (GPT): Sex differences in the age at onset of Parkinson disease in Latin American populations

Jinyoung Youn (Seoul, South Korea) – P_214 (GPT): Another common genetic ataxia in South Korea: Spinocerebellar ataxia 36

Benjamin Walter (Cleveland, United States) – P_165 (GPT): Establishing a framework for quality of inpatient care for Parkinson’s disease: A study on inpatient medication administration

Shawn Sedgh (Loma Linda, United States) – P_204 (GPT): Persistent chorea gravidarum with an autoimmune etiology: a follow up four years later

Best Oral Poster Awards

Jaroslaw Dulski (Jacksonville, United States) – O_2: Perry syndrome (parkinsonism, neuropsychiatric symptoms, weight loss, hypoventilation): large new pedigree and first study on prodromal stage of the disease

Chad Heatwole (Rochester, United States) – O_5: The Huntington Disease Health Index (HD-HI): Measuring changes in disease burden in response to valbenazine during the KINECT-HD-Trial

Jamison Seabury (Rochester, United States) – O_13: The Parkinson’s Disease-Health Index (PD-HI): development and validation of a novel, disease specific, patient reported outcome measure

David Charles (Nashville, United States) – O_20: Connectivity profile for deep brain stimulation in early stage Parkinson disease


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