Interplan is certified as a MedTech Ethical Charter Trusted Partner. Interplan supports by offering the advantages to MedTech Europe member companies, medical societies, and conference venues.

a) The Trusted Partner will organize its Educational Events in accordance with the rules of the MedTech Europe Code.

b) The Trusted Partner will require that its employees and other individuals acting on its behalf comply with the MedTech Europe Code when interacting with medical technology industry in the Territory.

For further information, please see the website of Ethical MedTech and the Interplan COMPLIANCE Fundamentals.

Transparency Code
Transparency specifications in accordance with the FSA Code and AKG Directives (or guidelines)
According to the specifications of the FSA (Voluntary self-control for the Pharmaceutical Industry, registered asso ciation), the conditions and the scope of the support provided by member companies to the participants should be presented in a transparent manner for both the announcement as well as the execution of the Congress.
According to the directives (or guidelines) of the AKG (Pharma ceuticals and cooperation in health management, registered association) the member companies should work towards revealing their support for both the announcement and execution of the Congress by the host of the event. The publication of the type and scope of the overall support does not represent any obligation on the part of the AKG member companies and is provided voluntarily in this instance through a written agreement.
For the industry partners mentioned below we are informing regarding their overall support within the framework of the IAPRD 2022 according to their membership of the FSA or AKG: List

Latest news for the upcoming XXVI World Congress on Parkinson’s Diseease and Related Disorders:
The scheduled meeting for May 2021 will take place and update you on the latest developments and innovations in our field. Either we are looking forward to welcoming you at the brand new opened Maastricht Congress Center in person or our World Congress will take place online. In both scenarios a technical exhibition will be available and our sponsors are looking forward to (e)meeting you.

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