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Karen Frei, Chair (USA)
Marie Helene Saint-Hilaire, Co-Chair (USA)
Miguel Gago, Congress Chair (Portugal)
Miguel Coelho, Congress Chair (Portugal)

Rajesh Pahwa (USA)
Cynthia Comella (USA)
Huifang Shang (China)
Diego Torres-Russotto (USA)
Alberto Albanese (Italy)
Hubert Fernandez (USA)
Andreas Puschmann (Sweden)
Joohi Jimenez-Shahed (USA)
Daniel Truong (USA)

Ana Castro Caldas, Coordinator (Portugal)
Rita Simões (Portugal)
Marcelo Mendonça (Portugal)
Joao Lourenco (Portugal)

Latest news for the upcoming XXVI World Congress on Parkinson’s Diseease and Related Disorders:
The scheduled meeting for May 2021 will take place and update you on the latest developments and innovations in our field. Either we are looking forward to welcoming you at the brand new opened Maastricht Congress Center in person or our World Congress will take place online. In both scenarios a technical exhibition will be available and our sponsors are looking forward to (e)meeting you.

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