Plenary Session

These sessions will include lectures on phenomenology, and overviews on the pathophysiology, diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to various movement disorders. Each lecture within a plenary theme will be 30 minutes, delivered by world-renowned senior faculty members.

Parallel Tracks

The sessions within a track are arranged to provide a deep dive into a diagnostic or therapeutic area. Each session will be 30 minutes of interactive lecture (25 minutes of didactic followed by 5 minutes of Q and A).

Grand Parade of Movement Disorders

An evening video session where both faculty and attendees present pre-selected cases from around the globe to showcase the amazing breadth of movement disorders. This event will be co-hosted by two of our most astute and experienced clinical experts. Submission of videos from all attendees will be encouraged. The most interesting cases will be selected by a faculty of master clinicians.

Skills Workshop

Interactive hands-on workshops on practical aspects of therapies for various movement disorders.

Coffee with the Professor

There are brief mentoring sessions sprinkled throughout the duration of the Congress where young and aspiring clinicians and scientists can engage with a renowned faculty member, in a relaxed setting, over a cup of coffee.

Classroom Educational and Mentorship Sessions

Sessions in informal classroom setting led by renowned faculty members, where young and aspiring clinicians and scientists can discuss how to establish and advance successful clinical or academic careers, and put scientific advances into a broader context.

Corporate Sessions (over lunch)

These sessions, sponsored by our industry partners, will all be held during lunchtime.

Guided Poster Tour

We will be showcasing all the accepted posters submitted to the Congress by delegates from all over the globe. There will be guided poster tours and oral poster presentations with international expert panels.