Why joining the IAPRD World Congress – Recommendation

“…The 2017 conference covered the significant current issues and the subjects of various types and spectrum of cognitive impairment and dementia; pathophysiology, classification and subtypes of tremors, dystonia, hyperkinetic disorders are just a few to mention.

A revision of classical motor disorders and the evolution of drug therapy from anti-cholinergic to the current pharmacology was highly appreciated. Discussion on assessing and managing Parkinson’s plus syndromes was interesting.

An update on some the unusual movement disorders was highly educative.

I returned with many take home messages with implications on changing clinical practice. The conference provided a forum for practice changing messages based on latest evidence, clear presentations and opportunity for discussions.

The Lyon congress in in August 2018 would provide an opportunity to update the knowledge base for learning Parkinson’s disease and related disorders in a more formal educational platform and to meet the experts from around the globe…”