Melvin Yahr Speaker 2018

Dr. Micheal Schwarzschild

Julieanne Dorn Professor of Neurology,

Harvard Medical School

Massachusetts General Hospital

Dr. Michael Schwarzschild, one of the IAPRD’s 2018 Melvin Yahr speakers, will speak in the Opening Ceremony on Searching for the Holy Grail: Lessons Learned from My Journey as a Clinician Scientist.
Dr. Schwarzschild merged his neurobiology and movement disorders training to pursue bench and clinical research on the epidemiology of Parkinson disease, focusing on purines (adenosine, caffeine, and urate) and their roles in neurodegeneration and treatment.
In his lecture, Dr. Schwarzschild will highlight the value of early career collaboration across disciplines to accelerate research toward neurotherapeutics.

Feedback IAPRD Congress 2017

Prof. Jagdish Sharma

Lincoln County Hospital, Visiting Professor,

University Lincoln UK

“…The 2017 conference covered the significant current issues and the subjects of various types and spectrum of cognitive impairment and dementia; pathophysiology, classification and subtypes of tremors, dystonia, hyperkinetic disorders are just a few to mention. … I returned with many take home messages with implications on changing clinical practice. The conference provided a forum for practice changing messages based on latest evidence, clear presentations and opportunity for discussions.”