Best Posters

1st place: Results from a phase 1b multiple ascending-dose study of PRX002/RG7935, an anti–alpha-synuclein monoclonal antibody, in patients with Parkinson’s disease
Ness D.K., South San Francisco, United States

2nd place: An electrical muscle stimulation therapy for intractable tremor in Parkinson’s disease: a randomized sham-controlled trial of a tremor’s glove device
Jitkritsadakul O., Bangkok, Thailand

3rd Place: Video amplification as a sensitive screening tool for orthostatic tremor
Torres-Russotto D., Omaha, United States

Melvin Yahr Young Investigator Awardees

1st place: MicroRNA-4639 is a regulator of DJ-1 expression and a potential diagnostic marker for early Parkinson´s disease
Chen Y., Shanghai, China

2nd place: Volumetric magnetic resonance imaging differences in essential tremor compared to Parkinson’s disease
Franco G., Nashaville, USA

3rd place: Longitudinal effects of cognitive rehabilitation in Parkinson’s disease: a cognitive, clinical and neuroimaging study
Diez-Cirarda M., Bilbao, Spain


Best Abstracts

Best Abstract from a Woman in Movement Disorders
An electrical muscle stimulation therapy for intractable tremor in Parkinson's disease: a randomized sham-controlled trial of a tremor's glove device
Jitkritsadakul O., Bangkok, Thailand
Best Abstract in Clinical Research
Efficacy of sublingual apomorphine film (APL-130277) for the treatment of OFF episodes in subjects with Parkinson's disease: preliminary results from the Phase-3 study dose titration phase
Espay A.J., Tampa, United States

Best Abstract in Nonpharmacologic Therapy
Beneficial effect of laughter yoga and clapping exercise in Parkinson´s disease patients in south Delhi metro population
Sharma V., New Delhi, India


Best Articles published in Parkinsonism and Related Disorders:

1. Fabbri M., et al. Do patients with late-stage Parkinson's disease still respond to levodopa? PRD 2016;26:10-16.

2. Ganos C., et al. The clinical syndrome of dystonia with anarthria/aphonia. PRD 2016;24:20-27

3. Nunes MB., et al. Dystonia in Machado-Joseph disease: Clinical profile, therapy and anatomical basis. PRD 2015;21:1441-1447.

4. Ding H., et al. Identification of a panel of five serum miRNAs as a biomarker for Parkinson's disease. PRD 2016;22:68-73.

5. Peretz C., et al. Cancer incidence among Parkinson's disease patients in a 10-yrs time-window around disease onset: A                large-scale cohort study. PRD 2016;2868-72.

6. Moccia M., et al. Caffeine consumption and the 4-year progression of de novo Parkinson's disease. PRD 2016;32:116-119.

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